Day Trippers

Really have not had as much opportunity of late for photos or hikes.

Here are a few I managed to take



Flowers Grasshopper

Sunny Day at Stone Mountain State Park

Along the Cabin Creek Trail – Grayson Highlands State Park

Backbone Rock Falls

The Element of Surprise

Saturday was a fun day on a hiking trail with many surprises. Chose a trail from one of my guide books that did not give much of a description of what you might see but great directions on how to get to this trail.  Expected the falls but was surprised with the added bonus of several types of flowers along the way. One of which was on a tree I am not familiar with.  Since Saturday was cloudy with chance of storms, Infrared and Baby T would have to take a break.  PetuniaK70 got a chance to go out an play.

Beautiful Parkway Overlook

Hay Day at Grayson Highland State Park

Yesterday was a spectacular day at the Grayson Highland State Park

on the Rhododendron Trail

From the friendly staff to the beautiful scenery

Nature Nostalgia

Baby T a Pixel Life Convert

LIFEPIXEL – Infrared Camera Conversions

Recently I decided to give my Canon Rebel T3 (AKA Baby T) a new purpose and yes I am the silly sort who names her cameras.  I have been interested in Infrared photography for several years but was concerned about converting one of my cameras, thus I purchased a few IR lens filters to test out.  You will find those pictures in a previous post.  That process was pretty tedious for each shot and for the results did not seem worth it.  So recently I decided to take the plunge since Baby T was the only camera in my bags getting no attention at all. After doing the research I decided to go with LifePixel (see link above).  The website will take you through the process pretty much without a hitch and if you have any questions staff will be happy to provide any additional help.  For me the site is layed out so well I did not need any further assistance than their FAQ’s, tutorials and process instructions.  So without further ado …..

Here are the Test Shots I took this week once it  arrived on Monday

So in conclusion, I am a very happy customer

and can’t wait to get better acquainted with taking Infrared Photos.