After the rain, a Parkway Stroll


3 thoughts on “After the rain, a Parkway Stroll

  1. Do you live in Blue Ridge Parkway area? It is incredibly beautiful. We visited there last May – drove from New York to Houston through BRP … and would love to do it all over again.
    Lucky you to have it so close …

    • Yes, I do live very close to the parkway and feel very fortunate to have such beautiful surrounding to explore. Especially as I am a nature nut. When I lived in virginia I use to by the year parkway pass to the Shenandoah part of the parkway. Made more sense since I visited it so often. Thank you for stopping by and hope you get to visit BRP again.

      Hope you have a lovely day.

      • Shenandoah… you mention it and my stomach does flips. I loved it so ! We made it a point to go there particularly, as my Dad used to sing to us Bellafonte’s version of a Shenandoah – this was Bellafonte’s version before John Denver made Blue Ridge Mountain famous – at least in our part of the world . so it held special nostalgia for me since my Dad is no more. Yeah … do hope I get to visit. Best to you and BRP from me 🙂

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