Baby T a Pixel Life Convert

LIFEPIXEL – Infrared Camera Conversions

Recently I decided to give my Canon Rebel T3 (AKA Baby T) a new purpose and yes I am the silly sort who names her cameras.  I have been interested in Infrared photography for several years but was concerned about converting one of my cameras, thus I purchased a few IR lens filters to test out.  You will find those pictures in a previous post.  That process was pretty tedious for each shot and for the results did not seem worth it.  So recently I decided to take the plunge since Baby T was the only camera in my bags getting no attention at all. After doing the research I decided to go with LifePixel (see link above).  The website will take you through the process pretty much without a hitch and if you have any questions staff will be happy to provide any additional help.  For me the site is layed out so well I did not need any further assistance than their FAQ’s, tutorials and process instructions.  So without further ado …..

Here are the Test Shots I took this week once it  arrived on Monday

So in conclusion, I am a very happy customer

and can’t wait to get better acquainted with taking Infrared Photos.


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